2018 Spokeswoman Announced

We are proud to announce that Dr. Andrea Duhon has been selected as our 2018 Spokeswoman.  Dr. Duhon is a Mathematician, Mother & Wife.  She will help raise funds for our scholarships and represent our Foundation as someone who aligns with our vision and mission.

It was an honor to be selected as the 2018 spokeswoman for the OPBF. As a woman of color in STEM I am faced daily with a world that is not always filled with people who look like me. This is an opportunity to remind the world of how important increasing the numbers of women and minorities in this field is. I am humbled and can’t wait to advocate for a career path, which bring joys to my heart.”

Dr. Andrea Duhon has been teaching Mathematics since 2003 including Algebra, Differential Calculus, Cryptology & Number Theory to middle schools, high schools, universities, and even to professionals. Today, she is an Assistant Professor at Marshall University in West Virginia. She was always passionate about math & problem solving, and loves engaging others in the critical thinking process.