More than 1,300+ organizations, brands, government agencies and cultural leaders join together for first-ever Mental Health Action Day

Largest cross-sector effort to shift from mental health awareness to mental health action organized in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, ongoing trauma of systemic racism
New York, NY — Today COLORS OF RHINA, La Reina Del Barrio, Inc., Celebr8YOU and Omega Phi Beta Foundation and more than 1,300 organizations, brands, government agencies and cultural leaders will participate in the inaugural Mental Health Action Day to drive the conversation from mental health awareness to mental health action. Convened by MTV Entertainment Group, Mental Health Action Day is an open-source movement, aimed at motivating people to take action to get mental health support — whether for themselves, their loved ones or for everyone by advocating for systemic changes for mental health access and equity.
Mental Health Action Day comes at a critical time. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a disproportionate toll on the mental health and well-being of people of color, young people and LGBTQ+ communities. Studies have found:
  • Four in 10 adults have reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder, compared to 1 in 10 before the pandemic.
  • Fifty-six percent of young adults ages 18-24 reported symptoms of anxiety and/or depression during the pandemic.
  • 48% of Black people reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder during the pandemic versus 42% of all Adults and 40.9% of white people.
Communities of Color, who have experienced disparate impacts of COVID-19 and the ongoing trauma of systemic racism from police brutality to anti-Asian violence, are also facing greater mental health challenges than ever before, but continue to face challenges accessing mental health care.
The cross-sector collaboration calling attention to the great need for support and action to address mental health in the same way in which we treat physical health needs is ground breaking. From media and tech companies to nonprofits, consumer brands, government agencies and cultural leaders, the actions today are only the beginning. Coalition partners will host a series of activations ranging from public events featuring experts and activists to employee engagement activities, all with the goal of encouraging and empowering people to take an initial action, whether for themselves or others, to support their mental health needs.
“A year into the pandemic, as mental health struggles have skyrocketed, we brought together more than 1,300 partners to not only meet the moment but also drive a movement of action on a public health crisis that affects every one of us,” said Erika Soto-Lamb, Vice President of Social Impact Strategy at MTV Entertainment Group. “From storytelling to creating content, together we can shatter stigma and normalize the act of getting help for those who need it.”
“We must do our part to support the mental wellness needs of our communities. I am excited to join the 1300+ organizations and influencers on this mission. On May 20th, we will be providing a Planting Seeds and Hugging Trees event which will include meditation, hugging trees, and more, facilitated by Rhina Valentin, Host of COLORS OF RHINA. The event is a form of Nature Therapy which has numerous mental health benefits, including improving one’s mood”, says Deya Diaz, Founder, Celebr8YOU
“Mental Health is all of our responsibility.  This is why La Reina Del Barrio, COLORS OF RHINA, Celebr8YOU and Omega Phi Beta Foundation have come together to design a program with a holistic approach. Research shows that a holistic approach has many benefits, including improved anxiety levels and mental clarity. I am honored to facilitate a guided meditation and hugging trees session. We will even walk barefoot on the grass to connect with Mother Earth. We will use this experience to reconnect to the core of our being”, says Rhina Valentin, Founder and CEO, La Reina Del Barrio, Inc and TV Host and Executive Producer of COLORS OF RHINA
“Mental Health is Health. By taking the first step in taking at least one action, we are one step closer to healing our communities. It is up to all of us to ensure that we plant a seed of hope and love in our communities”, says Jessica ‘REMO’ Saul, Executive Director, Omega Phi Beta Foundation. 
About Mental Health Action Day
Mental Health Action Day is an open-source movement of brands, organizations, government agencies, and cultural leaders to drive culture from mental health awareness to mental health action. The first Mental Health Action Day will take place on May 20, 2021 with a mission to encourage and empower people to take their first actions on mental health — whether for themselves, for their loved ones or for their communities, because mental health is health. Learn more at
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