OPBF Celebrates An Impactful Year in 2022

January 1, 2023 – New York, New York – 2022 was a year of impact! By far the biggest impact we’ve made was service through our Planting Seeds Project (PSP).

Since OPBF PSP start in 2020, we have “planted seeds” in Colombia, West Africa, and Puerto Rico. In 2022 we “planted seeds” in the Dominican Republic with the goal of supporting the community in the area of STEM/STEAM. We made great strides throughout the year, and we are proud to continue this partnership throughout 2023 and look forward to making additional progress in the near future.

In addition, our partnership with OPBSI allowed us to contribute to and support the Ray of Hope Walk (ROHW) and their goal of fundraising $22K to benefit 11 organizations nationwide. Through the OPBF Planting Seeds Project (PSP), we were able to activate a mini-walk, which allowed ROHW to expand internationally to the Dominican Republic for the first time ever!

Of the 400 events, posts, and videos throughout the year, the most popular was OPBF’s PSP Dominican Republic endeavor, which reached over 2,500 followers.

Thank you all for your support throughout the year!

Looking Ahead:
•3 STEAM Scholarships
•3 STEAM Honors
•2 new Planting Seeds Projects
•Continued STEAM Programs and more!

For more information contact us at BOD@OPBFoundation.org