The Planting Seeds Project – West Africa

Sunu Thiossane (pronounced Soo-noo Cho-Sahn) was founded in 2011. As an arts and academic enrichment youth development agency based in Dakar, Senegal, our mission is to provide high caliber arts training to young people across and within various disciplines while providing the necessary tools to build community awareness and empowerment. Sunu Thiossane envisions a world where all young folks have equitable access to the arts.

Sunu Thiossane’s visual arts program encourages and exposes students with the skills to critique and conceptualize their creative notions into tangible products. Utilizing new and old artisan practices such as painting, slip casting, metal and woodworking; students will learn to integrate current artistic technology (i.e. Filmmaking, traditional and computerized animation) to further explore art processes. Students will also discover their artistic voice and learn how to manifest their ideas, individually and collectively. The performing arts program features classes and intensives in dance, theatre, and music training all leading up to performance, where participants will not only train in their discipline, but also learn about performance culture and etiquette, management, and production.

We attract students who are serious about their studies and who are seeking a level of study that would not typically be offered in traditional performing arts environments. We tailor each program to the particular needs of participants, the physical setting, and enrollment numbers.

Short Term Goals
•Supplies Donation (Computers, Paper, Pencils, Pens etc.)

Long Term Goals
•Cultural Exchange opportunity utilizing The Planting Seeds and Omega Phi Beta Foundation community of STEAM Leaders from around the world.
•Enroll more women in the STEAM Field.

Note: Sunu Thiossane is a term deriving from the Wolof LANGUAGE, meaning our roots and heritage.  As an arts and academic enrichment youth development agency, we aim to provide high caliber interdisciplinary arts training to young people. Our purpose is to empower our participants to embrace their own culture through the arts and science. Our partnership is a direct impact to ensure that we provide the needed support to ensure growth.