The Planting Seeds Project – Colombia

Nabguana Farm located in Sevilla, Valle del Cauca, Colombia aka the “Coffee Capital of Colombia, is an organic superfoods company. Employees are enrolled in an entrepreneurial program which includes learning computer, coffee making, and business skills. In Colombia, farming and entrepreneurship is a male dominated field. Nabguana Farm launched a free program for women to participate in the entrepreneurial program.

Short Term Goals
•Supplies Donation (Computers, Paper, Pencils, Pens etc.)
•Volunteers (to teach entrepreneurship program)
•Partner with surrounding community to promote the program.

Long Term Goals
•Graduates of program gain knowledge of either computer skills, coffee making, and/or business skills
•Job or Volunteer placement to further their new learned skills
•Enroll more women in the male dominated space.

Note: Colombia is one of the five largest producers in the world of coffee ranking #4 behind Brazil, Vietnam and Indonesia. Although it has decreased over the years, Agriculture has remained an important source of employment, providing a fifth of Colombia’s jobs. The entrepreneurship program can help sustain and support the agricultural job market and help enroll more women in the field